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Analog Electronics (Part-1) :- All about Diodes & Capacitors

Learn Basics of Analog Electronics, Specially Designed for Electronics, Biomedical, Electrical & Robotics Engineers

Instructor: Practical-BuddyLanguage: English

About the course

Want to learn electronics from scratch, this is the perfect course to start. Analog Electronics is a branch of electronics that is derived from semiconductors and has wide applications in Electronics, Electrical Instrumentation, and the Medical field, all of these fields are interrelated with each other. This is part 1 of analog electronics and in this course, we will study all the concepts of diodes, modelling of diodes, clipper and clamper circuits, circuit simulation on electric circuit studio software and basic concepts of capacitors although capacitors don't come in semiconductors it is used in a lot of wave-shaping circuits and therefore we will be studying it in this course. This course is suitable for Electronics, Biomedical, Robotics, Electrical, and Instrumentation engineering students as well. Below you will get the description of the course

About Me

I'm Swarit Mahalsekar founder of Practical-Buddy. I'm a Biomedical Engineer and have 2+ years of teaching experience in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation, and Bioinstrumentation. So whatever course I launch I will make sure that I will not only teach you the concepts theoretically but also enhance your technical skills with the help of some mini-projects. 

Course Higlights

 Revision of diodes (studied in course 2)

 The behavior of diode in reverse bias and in forward bias condition

 Introduction to Electric circuit studio software (Available on mobile and on Desktop as well)

 Diode characteristics and Shockley's equation

 Modeling of diode

 Working of diodes and diode circuits (Basic and challenging circuits)

 Clipper Circuits (diode as full-wave and half-wave rectifier)

 Tips and tricks to solve complex diode circuits

 Capacitors and it's uses in-circuit designing

 Clamper circuits

 Working of Zener diode and its uses in-circuit


What is the pattern of the syllabus ?

As we are launching a series of electronic courses, this is course 3 where you will learn to analyse and simulate basic electric circuits on Electric Circuit Studio software.

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24X7 customer support for anyone who purchases our product.

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Yes, check our privacy policy

What is the price of this course?

999/-  Only


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