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Analog Electronics (part-2):- Learn & Simulate BJT Circuits

Learn all about transistor & circuit simulation on Proteus Software recommended for E&E, Robotic & Biomedical Engineers

Instructor: Practical-BuddyLanguage: English

About the course

Do you know that your smartphone has millions and billions of transistors but I'm damn sure you don't what is their significance or how they work? 1) To take ECG from the heart, along with an electrode you will require signal conditioning circuits which will enhance the overall signal, 2) In various low-end applications, you need to control the motor and this is generally done by transistors, 3) To amplify the signal amplifier is required, 4) In your smartphone, lots of logic gates are present that switch on and off very quickly to carry out certain tasks and all of these things are done by Transistor. Thus this course is highly recommended for Biomedical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, and Robotic engineering students. Course content is given below.

About Me

I'm Swarit Mahalsekar founder of Practical-Buddy. I'm a Biomedical Engineer and have 2+ years of teaching experience in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation, and Bioinstrumentation. So whatever course I launch I will make sure that I will not only teach you the concepts theoretically but also enhance your technical skills with the help of some mini-projects. 

Course Higlights

 Importance of Transistor

 Definition of Transistor

 ypes of Transistors

 Understanding the basics of BJT transistors.

Types of BJT transistors

 Why NPN is preferred over PNP

 Why area of the collector region is greater than the emitter region?

 Characteristics of BJT

 What is biasing and the need for biasing transistors?

 Stability factor

 Numericals + Simulation of circuits on proteus software

 BJT as a switch

 BJT as an amplifier

 3-Mini projects


What is the pattern of the syllabus ?

As we are launching a series of electronic courses, this is course 4 in which you will learn all the concepts of BJT and simulation on proteus software.

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24X7 customer support for anyone who purchases our product.

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Yes, check our privacy policy

What is the price of this course?

1199/-  Only


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