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Learn Current Electricity in depth & Basics of DC Circuits

Learn Current electricity & simulation of  Electrical circuits recommended for Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Instructor: Practical BuddyLanguage: English

About the course

Do you know what is DC offset voltage?, How to operate function generator and plot signals on oscilloscope?, How to measure voltage, current, resistance and power of any circuit through multimeter?, and so forth

If you don’t know any of these things, don’t worry. I recommend this course for beginners like you who want to start electronics from scratch. This is a 10 hours of technical course which will give you a clear cut idea of what a basic electrical circuit is. After completing the course you would not be able to just calculate the voltage, current, resistance & power of any electrical circuit but also to measure those parameters with the help of multimeter, Understand the difference between Ac & DC circuits, Understand how to operate function generator to generate different signals, Solving complex electrical circuits by using certain laws and theorems like Ohms Law, Mesh Analysis, Nodal Analysis, Supermesh Analysis, Thevenin and Nortons Theorem. Few simple tricks & techniques to solve any complex electrical circuit, circuit simulation on Thinkercad software & many more things to learn and create.

About Me

I'm Swarit Mahalsekar founder of Practical-Buddy. I'm a Biomedical Engineer and have 2+ years of teaching experience in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation, and Bioinstrumentation. So whatever course I launch I will make sure that I will not only teach you the concepts theoretically but also enhance your technical skills with the help of some mini-projects. 

Course Higlights

 Learn to measure voltage, current, resistance of any circuit through multimeter.

 Get acquainted with various electronic components and devices like battery, function generator, resistor, ammeter, voltmeter, multi meter, etc..

 Learn to simulate basic electronic circuit on Thinkercad software.

 Understand the difference between AC and DC Circuits

 Learn to operate function generator and plot different AC signals on oscilloscope

 Learn simple tricks and techniques to solve series parallel circuits

 Learn different laws and rules like ohms law, KVL and KCL rule, Mesh analysis, Supermesh Analysis, Thevenin's and Norton's Theorem, etc.


What is the pattern of the syllabus ?

This is the begineer friendly course, complexity increases in the further courses.

Will I get customer support if I need any assistance?

24X7 customer support for anyone who purchases our product.

Is this service totally safe?

Yes, check our privacy policy

What is the price of this course?

999/-  Only


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