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Semiconductors & its Application in Analog Electronics

Semiconductors & its Real World Application in Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Instructor: Practical-BuddyLanguage: English

About the course

The basic fundamental block of any electronic component is semiconductor. I hope you might be familiar with conductors and insulators but you might not be familiar with semiconductors. In this course you are going to learn the basic concepts of semiconductors like from which material the semiconductors are made, how they can behave as an insulators and conductors by altering there properties, different types of semiconductors, Diode formation process & many more things to learn which will be used in subjects like VLSI and Analog Electronics.

About Me

I'm Swarit Mahalsekar founder of Practical-Buddy. I'm a Biomedical Engineer and have 2+ years of teaching experience in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation, and Bioinstrumentation. So whatever course I launch I will make sure that I will not only teach you the concepts theoretically but also enhance your technical skills with the help of some mini-projects. 

Course Higlights

 Introduction to semiconductors

 Difference between conductors, semiconductors, and an insulators

 Valence band and Conduction band diagram for sodium and silicon atoms

 Forbidden Energy Gap

 Energy band diagram for sodium and silicon atoms

 Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors

 Internal structure or internal working of the p-n junction diode (Application part)


What is the pattern of the syllabus ?

As we are launching a series of electronic courses this is course 2 were you will be learning everything about semiconductors.

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24X7 customer support for anyone who purchases our product.

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Yes, check our privacy policy

What is the price of this course?

799/-  Only


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